My Gadget Wish List For The Next 5 Years

  1. PORT Designs Aspen 16 Rucksack Laptop !  Link available for preview : ;
  2. Sony EricssonXperia X10 Smartphone !  Link available for preview : ;
  3. BenQ T1260 Photo Camera ! Link available for preview : ;
  4. Asus K52JK-SX031D Laptop ! Link available for preview : ;
  5. A4tech KLS-5UP or Genius SlimStar i220 or Genius KB-320e Keyboard ! Link available for preview:,genius-slimstar-i220-p38372992,genius-kb-320e-p31273003/ .

This is my  Gadget Wish List for my next 5 years of my life.

The first gadget that I want is the smartphone :D, The Brilliant Smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 . With a little help from some friends from USA, until the end of this year, I will really … really touch it !!!! OMG! I’m expecting this smartphone since october!  I made a  very careful comparasion between X10 and other smartphones as Htc Desire Hd or the latest Samsung Galaxy S and considering the price and all the facilities of each phone I  found that X10 is the best choice, even without those 16 millions colors that Samsung Galaxy S have or other stuff that Htc Desire have too.

The second gadget is actually a necessity. One of those three keyboards should be mine, because I have a very bad laptop, bad bad Acer, that after 10 months its keyboard doesn’t work properly. Also, another reason for begging the keyboard is that i really write a lot of things as blog articles ( at 3 different blogs), some javascript,  html, css, Java programming, C programming, projects in Latex and Word and so on. I will buy a keyboard, maybe none of those three that I mentioned earlier, this week or the next week.

The third object, a gadget accessory, the Laptop Rucksack is another necessity for transportation of my Acer laptop. Yes, i already have a laptop bag, but is easier to transport on your back the laptop and also a Rucksack always will be more useful than a bag. I found the PORT Designs Aspen 16 Rucksack Laptop at an It store near me and I will buy it these days.

The next two gadgets are really expansive for me so I’m expecting that I will succeed to have enough money to buy the photo camera near march next year, when is also my birthday. I will buy the Asus Laptop, the real laptop, after this one, the Acer, will really crash. I can tell that I need only a couple of years and the Acer Laptop will make … POC!

Period :   15.11.2010 -15.11.2015

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