New Yahoo Messenger 11 skin : Grey skin v2.1

This is the third version of the skin which brings lots of customizations:

-bigger personal avatar
-new, bigger buttons in the „me” panel, main window and IM window
-10 color schemes with colored friendlist and possibility to revert to white
-modified window and button arrangement
-modified most of the buttons
-modified taskbar and .exe icons
..and many more you will discover by yourself

***updated with new „me” panel buttons, modified „share to” option arrangement and buttons, modified email notification icons, modified Yahoo! logo on the aero frame and some dimensions to make it compatible with the new Y!M 11***

The RAR file includes 2 installers. One is for aero compatible systems and the other one is for systems which do not support aero. Please only use oneinstaller, the one appropriate for your system. There are small differences in size and dimensions between the aero and non-aero skin so that each one fits perfectly the type of system it’s designed for. Each installer contains 10 different colors each one with 2 options (a total of 20 skins):

-colored friend lists (matching the color of the menus)
-white friend lists

Download file : Grey skin v2.1


About Mihai

Mare " afacerist " cu simt anteprenorial, dar fara prea multi bani in buzunar . In orice moment accept propuneri banoase si afaceri nemiloase.

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