How to install offline games with Google Chrome

Hello guys!

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install offline games with Google Chrome and how to play those games in Google Chrome.

1. Download and Install Google Chrome: First of all, you need the browser. You can take Google Chrome for here: .

2. Chrome Web Store: After you download it and install it, you must go at the  Chrome Web Store, I mean here: or you can go to Web Store through a new tab in the browser (  You need to follow the first and the second steps from the picture).

3. From Chrome Web Store, you can choose addons to your browser or even games. For games, you press the Games link from the menu.

4.Now, you choose your game  and press Add to Chrome. If you are asked for your google account, then you must sign in. After installing the game, you can play  either from the game’s page from the Web Store  or from the new tab, pressing on the game’s icon ( Picture One).


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