How to fix your webcam to work on Yahoo Messenger 11

If your webcam doesn’t work on Yahoo Messenger 11, you need to follow the next steps

1.You download and  install the  last version of Yahoo! Messenger 11.
2. After that, you need to update your Microsoft Direct X , Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows Operating Sytstem.

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// 3. From keyboard, you press windows logo + R to open the Run text box.
– There, you write appwiz.cpl and you press OK. A window will appear with Programs and Features .
-You select the software or the driver  of the webcam and you uninstall it.
-You pull out the usb of the webcam and restart your computer.
-You must reinstall the software or the driver for your webcam.

4. You check the webcam compatibility with your Yahoo Messenger version.

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