How to unlock Iphone 4

In order to unlock your iPhone 4, you need to follow the next steps :

1 You connect your iphone to a wi-fi network.
2,You open safari browser.
3.You go to  and start to jailbreak your phone.
4. After that, you go to  Settings-General-Network and close the 3G.
5.You install Cydia. You press  Home and you search for  cydia in applications.
6. In Cydia, you press ultrasn0w . If you have the 1.0.1 version than you go to step 10 .

7. You can’t unlock  your Iphone if you have a ultrasnow version newer than 1.01. In this situation, you press the Manage button and select Sources-Edit-App and you write in the text box.
8.You restart your Iphone.
9.Now, you go to cydia and you search ultrasn0w. Now, the version must be 1.0.1 or newer.
10 You press the install button for ultrasnow.
11. The Iphone 4 is unlocked.

This tutorial is only for persons that have Iphone 4 and iOS 3.1 or 4.0


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