How to edit images in Paint

Hello, guys!

Today, I will show you how to edit images in Paint.

 I will explain everything labeled with numbers in the above image.

  1. The save option of the paint ( the floppy disk icon). You can save the image in any extension: jpeg, gif, ico, png etc.
  2. The undo button( Ctrl+ Z) and redo button( Ctrl+ Y) ( the blue arrows) . With these buttons you can undo or redo you changes .
  3. Here you have the paste (Ctrl+V), cut (Ctrl+X) and copy( Ctrl+C)  actions.
  4. The select option is available. You have rectangular selection or free form selection. As additional options you have transparent selection, invert all, select all and delete.
  5. Using the select option from 4, you can create a crop of your image.  A crop is a part of your image, in addition you delete the rest of the image. Here you have the Resize option, where you can resize the image by percentage or by pixels.  If you want, you can the  maintain ratio aspect. Another option is the Rotate. You can rotate the image 180 degree, 90 degree left or 90 degree right or to flip vertical or horizontal.
  6.  The tools area contains: the pencil( you can draw with the pencil), the jar ( you fill the image with the selected color),  the text ( you can write text on the image using fonts, colors and so on) ,  eraser( with this you can delete parts of your image ), color picker (pick a color from the image and use it for drawing ) and the magnifier (change the magnification for a part of the image).
  7. In number 7  you will find the Brushes which you can draw with different kind of brushes.
  8. In shapes section you will find different kind of shapes which can be outlined or you can fill your shape with color.
  9. With Size tool you can resize your width for the selected tool.
  10. Here you will find „Color 1”  and „Color 2”  which mean that color 1 is for left mouse button and color 2 is for right mouse button.
  11. From here you can select your color which you draw, with left click you will select color 1 and with right click you will select color 2.
  12. With Edit Color you can select a color from a color palette.

  1. Print option, here you can print your work of art.
  2. Send in e-mail, here you can surprise your friends with your work of art.
  3. Set as desktop background, you can set your image as wallpaper choosing different styles like Fill which will put your image on your entire desktop, Tile the picture so it repeats and fills the entire screen, Center the image in the middle of the screen.

Indeed, you can’t create artistic images with Paint. You cannot add advanced features or options to your image, but at least you don’t need to install another program for simple editing and Paint is userfriendly.

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    Very usefull article, not !

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