Booya, a multiplayer card OMGPOP Game

Another game from that I recommend is Booya multiplayer card  OMGPOP Game. You can play the game with six friends. You have a deck of  four cards.

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The control is:
Mouse, left click- to put a card.

Special Cards:
Reverse card  reverses the direction turn of each player.
Skip card skips a turn of a player.
Draw 2 card gives 2 cards to a player.
With redo card you choose the color of the next card.

The idea of the game is to put all the cards on the table. If you don’t have cards in your hand, you win the game.
If you win, you will get a gold medal. If there are at least 4 players, the second player will get a silver medal, if there are at least 5-6 players, the third player will get a bronze medal. Also, you get coins and experience points. In the same time, you can complete different achievements.

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