Swapples, a logical and colourful OMGPOP Game

Another game from omgpop.com that I recommend is Swapples a logical and colorful OMGPOP Game. You can play the game with six friends. The game is a logical one. You need to clear swapplets by matching 3 or more of the same color.

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The control is:
Mouse, left click to move a swapple.

Special Swapples:

A square destroys all swapplets of the same color. A swapple created by combining 4 swapplets of the same color,  hourglass gives you a little more time.

The idea of the game is to  to clear swapplets by matching 3 or more of the same color. You can shuffle them. Also, you have 1 minute to make the greatest score if you want to win.
If you win, you will get a gold medal. If there are at least 4 players, the second player will get a silver medal, if there are at least 5-6 players, the third player will get a bronze medal. Also, you get coins and experience points. In the same time, you can complete different achievements.

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