How to steal images from secured websites with Paint

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Today, I will help you to steal images from secured websites with Paint.

When I say „secured websites”, I mean websites where you can’t press right click to save a image such as

All that you need is Paint. If you have Windows Operating System installed, you also have Paint. So go to Start, All Programs, Accessories and Paint.

Now go to a website. The method is working for any website, not only for secured one. Also, with this method you can create or save any image displayed on your screen.

You go to a website. You choose the picture and press the print screen button from the keyboard.

Now, you go to Paint and you press on the white area with the mouse. After that, you need to press Ctrl+V ( Paste) and your image will appear.

You can crop it using Paint. If you want to edit the image with Paint, then you need to read the article: How to Edit images in Paint. At the end, you save the print screen and that’s all.

However, if you want to save a gif ( an animation ) , you can’t. You can save only a frame from the animation.


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