How to steal photos from Hi5 with Hi5 Photo Downloader

// Hello guys!

I will show you how to steal/download photos from Hi5.

Fist of all, you need the hi5 Photo Downloader. You can download it from here:

The soft is made in Java so is easy to use. You don’t need to install it. You must have java installed on you pc. After you download it, you run it.

At step 1 you enter the url or hi5 user id of your target as shown in the examples.

Some albums are private and only friends can see them. If you want to download all albums of a person you need to login and to have that person on your friends list.

After you login and you write the url of your target, you need to press Next.

Now you are at step 2. Here you need to choose what albums you want to download.  If you press next again, you will go to step 3.

Here you choose the destination folder and if you want to have a subfolder for each user and album. Now you are ready to download the photos. You press back if you want to change someting or you press download now if you want to download.


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