A simple instant messaging program: Bimoid Messenger

You can use Bimoid Messenger in  english or  russian. You can use emoticons, you can put status, you can choose an avatar, you can search a user by email or after other tags, you can choose the skin of the program.

Also, the software includes :

  • Server side contact list with groups hierarchy support
  • Several view modes of contacts
  • Several compact modes of contact list window
  • Tabbed messaging
  • Instant messaging with delivery reporting support
  • Only unicode messages supported
  • Internal support of transparent messages encryption
  • Internal spelling check support
  • Direct and proxied file transfer support
  • Interface supports system themes and skins
  • Pop-up notifications and messages support

You can download Bimoid Messenger from  here .


About Mihai

Mare " afacerist " cu simt anteprenorial, dar fara prea multi bani in buzunar . In orice moment accept propuneri banoase si afaceri nemiloase.

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