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Yahoo Decode 7 – Yahoo! Messenger archive decoder

Yahoo Decode 7  is a simple application that allows  you to read the archive from Yahoo Messenger, without logining.  So, if you have the archive you can read it without writing the passoword or the  id.   You can save the archive as plain text or html. Also you can search the archive with this software.

  Yahoo Decode 7

Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11

Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11 is the option  that helps you to enter in more than one id in the same time on Yahoo Messenger 11 .

  Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11

To install Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11 t you need to run the  Install.reg  file.

Verbs – Instant Messaging application for Phone si iPod Touch

Verbs is a  instant messaging application for  iPhone and iPod Touch. The software supports Google Talk.

Features Verbs :

Retina Display Support
Files in the cloud – Verbs suporttsCloudApp and you can see pdf, word, images and iwork files.
Full Multitasking support –
You can buy the application with  $2,99  .

Download A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger

A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger removes all  ads from Yahoo Messenger ….

Also, A-Patch  not only that removes ads from Yahoo Messenger, but also it activates the Multi-Messenger .
A-Patch pentru Yahoo! Messenger eliminates the ads from  the Contact List  and from the  Chat Room.

Download A-Patch for Yahoo Messenger from  here .

A new Instant Messanging Program : IgniteIM

IgniteIM  is a new instant messaging program that can be downloaded for free from App Store. IgnireIM  l supports Aol/Aim, Facebook, GTalk, Icq, Msn, MySpace and Yahoo. Also, the program is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and with iOS 3.0 or above. There is a Pro version, too.

You can download the application from  App Store  .

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