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How to install a mysql database with Micro DB Installer

What does Micro DB Installer do?

Micro DB Installer is a php script that will help you creating the MySQL database, making almost everything automatically.

Installing: Upload your files and the sql ones and then get in the Micro DB installing page. It’s required you write a username and choose a password. Then, after completing all this information the script will be automatically ran.


YTK Lite: A software that customize your Yahoo Messenger

YTK Lite is a software that  can customize your Yahoo Messenger and  it has a lot of features.

You can download the software from here.


The brilliant Im client: Trillian for BlackBerry


* Connect to Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, and MySpaceIM
* Synchronize with Trillian for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Web and BlackBerry for contact list, avatars, accounts, etc
* Support for many BlackBerry phones, including BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Curve, and Pearl
* Two beautiful themes – black and white – designed to smoothly integrate into the BlackBerry environment
* Handy and thoughtful keyboard shortcuts throughout
* Various notification options – sounds, vibration, LED control, email push, home screen icons
* Contact list sorting, grouping, MetaContacts, privacy, and organization
* Set status, avatar, and display name from within the app
* Message window bubble view, copy/paste, send photo, send buzzes, emoticons
* Supports BIS, BES, WiFi, and direct TCP connections

The Software Yahoo Messenger Hider – How to hide your Im from your boss

Yahoo Messenger Hider  is a software that can hide your instant messages from your boss or your wife.  The software hides every trace of Yahoo Messenger. The only way to see the Messenger is if you press F11 or F12.

You can download the program from here.

Download the Ysupra 1.56 application for Yahoo Messenger

Ysupra Communication:

– Yahoo Animated Smiles
– Customizable fonts & colors
– Hypertext preferences
– Yahoo Messenger Buddy list with stealth & custom status options
– Tabbed Instant Messages
– Yahoo Offline Messages
– Yahoo File Transfer
– Yahoo Chat Rooms
– List of all Yahoo chat rooms
– Favorite & Recent Yahoo chat room lists
– Ability to stay in a Yahoo chat room for up to 6 hours
– Yahoo Emotes
– Yahoo Tattoos
– Yahoo Voice Chat with “domination”, recorder & is not affected by voice laggers
– Allow or disallow Yahoo voice chat to strangers
– YMSG 17 and 102
– YMSG/HTTP 17 and 102

Ysupra Protection:

– Advanced Yahoo SPAM/flood filters
– Yahoo Flood Detector which will automatically heighten security when a flood is detected
– Eleven customizable Yahoo chat room filters
– Ten customizable Yahoo instant message filters
– Yahoo User name wild card ignore
– Yahoo Message wild card filter
– Yahoo Filter Log
– Yahoo Safe List
– Yahoo Ignore List
– Yahoo Cloak Mode
– Yahoo Ghost Mode

Ysupra Productivity:

– Yahoo Account Manager
– Yahoo Account Unlock-er
– Yahoo Password Changer
– Yahoo Auto-update
– Yahoo Packet Analyzer
– Macros/Chat Commands
– Server Preferences
– Customizable Yahoo Client ID
– Transfer Console
– Wallpaper Preferences

Ysupra System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

You can download the software from here.

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