Download the Ysupra 1.56 application for Yahoo Messenger

Ysupra Communication:

– Yahoo Animated Smiles
– Customizable fonts & colors
– Hypertext preferences
– Yahoo Messenger Buddy list with stealth & custom status options
– Tabbed Instant Messages
– Yahoo Offline Messages
– Yahoo File Transfer
– Yahoo Chat Rooms
– List of all Yahoo chat rooms
– Favorite & Recent Yahoo chat room lists
– Ability to stay in a Yahoo chat room for up to 6 hours
– Yahoo Emotes
– Yahoo Tattoos
– Yahoo Voice Chat with “domination”, recorder & is not affected by voice laggers
– Allow or disallow Yahoo voice chat to strangers
– YMSG 17 and 102
– YMSG/HTTP 17 and 102

Ysupra Protection:

– Advanced Yahoo SPAM/flood filters
– Yahoo Flood Detector which will automatically heighten security when a flood is detected
– Eleven customizable Yahoo chat room filters
– Ten customizable Yahoo instant message filters
– Yahoo User name wild card ignore
– Yahoo Message wild card filter
– Yahoo Filter Log
– Yahoo Safe List
– Yahoo Ignore List
– Yahoo Cloak Mode
– Yahoo Ghost Mode

Ysupra Productivity:

– Yahoo Account Manager
– Yahoo Account Unlock-er
– Yahoo Password Changer
– Yahoo Auto-update
– Yahoo Packet Analyzer
– Macros/Chat Commands
– Server Preferences
– Customizable Yahoo Client ID
– Transfer Console
– Wallpaper Preferences

Ysupra System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

You can download the software from here.


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Mare " afacerist " cu simt anteprenorial, dar fara prea multi bani in buzunar . In orice moment accept propuneri banoase si afaceri nemiloase.

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