Book WishList For the Next 18 Months Extended

  1. Game of Thrones Series , named A Song of Ice and Fire.
  2. Twilight Saga Series.

I already wrote two WishLists ( one with Gadgets and another with  things that I want to make/learn). Now I write a  Book WishList for the next 18 Months. This is an extended and translated post. The original post is in here.

First of all, I want the  Game of Thrones Series , named A Song of Ice and Fire. Some of the books already appeard : A Game of Thrones , A Clash of Kings , A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. and other volumes will appear soon : The Winds of Winter  and  A Dream of Spring .

Second, I want the  Twilight Saga Series ( a friend recommanded)  : Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn .

There are 9 books that appeared and other 2 two books that will appear soon.  I’m expecting to read something touchable … Not electronic books and so on… It’s a big difference between electronic books and real, touchable books.

Period: 31.05.2011-31.11.2012

About Mihai

Mare " afacerist " cu simt anteprenorial, dar fara prea multi bani in buzunar . In orice moment accept propuneri banoase si afaceri nemiloase.

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