Jocul Anomaly: Warzone Earth gratis pentru Steam

Bundle Stars boosts your Steam library! 

Hi there! Jeez, doesn’t time fly? It’s nearly time to launch Bundle #10 already!

So here’s a date for your calendar…the next super all-Steam indie bundle from Bundle Stars will be live and ready to buy on MONDAY, JULY 22nd – and you really can’t afford to miss this one!

Get in quick on Monday to avoid disappointment!

FREE game Anomaly: Warzone Earth!

anomaly-free-steam-key-bundlestars-150px.pngIt’s been a little while since our last epic bundle, so to keep you busy this weekend we are giving you the amazing Anomaly: Warzone Earth from 11 Bit Studios!

To get your free Steam key for PC, Mac or Linux, all you need is a Facebook account*. Click here to visit our Facebook page and claim your free game now! 

* We know that not everybody likes Facebook, but we decided to use a Facebook app to stop our website from crashing under all the extra strain! This offer is available while stocks last. Bundle Stars reserves the right to end this offer at any time.

Adica mai pe scurt, cine vrea jocul Anomaly: Warzone Earth gratis pentru steam…. Click pe linkul: asta . Dar aveti nevoie de profil de Facebook si apoi apasati pe Get Coupon, OK sau Yes si veti fi redirectionati pe pagina cu codul jocului pentru Steam.

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