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Un articol intarziat … Fobiile mele

In copilarie aveam cateva fobii urate a caror efecte au mai ramas si in ziua de azi.

Frica de multime / persoane necunoscute sau situatii noi datorita carora m-as putea face de rusine = agorafobia , imi facea sa transpire palmile enorm de mult si sa nu ma simt in largul meu.

Frica de ace, mai precis, injectii = aichmofobia care ma faceau sa ma ascund dupa usa camerei in speranta ca nu ma va gasii nimeni si nu va trebui sa iau injectia respectiva.

Frica de esec, de a nu realiza ceea ce trebuie sau ceea ce mi-am propus = atichifobia , fobie datorata asteptarilor si reprosurilor exagerate ale familiei, cat si a esecurilor repetate de care am avut parte in viata.


surinformation (Photo credit: fiolka1)

Un articol intarziat… Despre sistemul de matchmaking si pedeapsa de pe League of Legends

Acest articol, este unul intarziat, pentru ca am primit raspunsurile de la suportul jocului LoL in mai multe faze. Articolul este in engleza si am pus la indoiala sistemul de matchmaking si pedeapsa( punishment) de pe League of Legends.


Vaipandragos VaipandragosJul 16 13:22 (PDT)Hello.
You have a big problem with your matchmaking system. I, a silver 5 ranked player, with a team lower then silver, we play against silver 3 players or so on.
Also you have a bigger problem with your punishment system. I don’t understand how a player with smite, trolling and later afk isn’t banned and still destroys the matches of fairplayers. And the situations are more often each time I want to play a new match… This is not getting fustrating, this is beyond fustration and the game quality is extreme low where afk or troller players appear almost each match, then the fairplayers become banned for abbusive language and fustration, but the afk and the trollers don’t get nothing. You will lose quality players in this manner, and LoL will become a troll game where everybody trolls and plays only to waste time.
Please do something about this things if you want to keep your serious, quality players.


Twinkleberry (League of Legends Player Support)

Jul 17 02:50 (PDT)

Greetings Summoner,

Thanks for the feedback. We make frequent updates to our Matchmaking program in order to improve matchups. However, even the best summoners can have a bad game. We also allow new players to team with more experienced summoners. It was important to us for summoners to be able to have fun with their friends but we do make adjustments in situations like these to make for a better matchup. Levels do affect matchmaking slightly, but they are not truly indicative of skill.

In addition, the matchmaking system is now taking into account your total number of wins in a given queue and tries to prioritize you with players with a similar number for that particular queue.

If you haven’t seen it, check out our matchmaking explanation page:

If you feel improvements could be made to the matchmaking system, you can contact with your ideas.

Best regards,


Player Support Specialist
Riot Games

In primul raspuns, oferit de  Twinkleberry,  mi se explica ca sistemul de gasire si potrivire al jucatorilor nu tine cont foarte mult de nivelul acestora, ci de numarul de meciuri totale castigate de persoana respectiva. La acest sistem inca se lucreaza.

User photo

Ok, thank you for the answer, but what you say about the punishment system? It’s not good enough and it’s not precise enough as I said before.

Iulie 17, 2013 02:54
User photo
League of Legends Player Support

Greetings Summoner,

Thank you for writing back. I appreciate your interest with the Tribunal System. Typically a large number of reports are required before a player appears in the Tribunal, so if he/she had a bad game and are reported, don’t worry! You will most likely not end up in the Tribunal.

The Tribunal takes into account the credibility of the people who file reports. If you are a positive player in League of Legends and only report when the offenses deserve it, your reports will actually be worth a lot more in the Tribunal than someone who abuses the reporting system and falsely reports lots of players.

Generally, players who follow the Summoner’s Code and respect their fellow gamers should never be concerned about seeing the Tribunal.

For more information about the Tribunal System and how it works, feel free to click the link below:

I hope that I was able to clear your questions on this. If there is ever anything else I can do for you, feel free to open another ticket.


Riot Games Player Support Specialist

Iulie 18, 2013 10:21

Merele verzi

Long time no see, dar sa incep cu ceva mai delicios.

Ador merele, de fapt, ador majoritatea fructelor insa pretul lor… ma fac sa le consum mai putin decat as vrea si ar fi sanatos.

Fructele mele preferate sunt merele, in special cele verzi… pe langa ca tin de sete, tin si de foame, dar si in loc de Sprite 😀 si mai sunt si delicioase… si sunt si cele mai aspectuoase mere. Cand mananci un mar verde poti sa verifici daca ai probleme cu gingia, daca observi urme de rosu pe marul muscat, inseamna ca iti sangereaza gingia. Marul verde ajuta si la o respiratie proaspata.

Combinatii interesante in legatura cu respiratia proaspata ar fi urmatoarele:

spalat pe dinti+ baut sprite

mancat mar verde+ baut sprite

baut sprite+ mancat mentosane

spalat pe dinti + mancat mentosane

mestecat orbit + baut sprite

Pe langa marul verde, ador si marul golden( galben) si mai putin cele rosii care sunt prea dulci.


Chrisdesign Photorealistic Green Apple

Chrisdesign Photorealistic Green Apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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