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How to install a mysql database with Micro DB Installer

What does Micro DB Installer do?

Micro DB Installer is a php script that will help you creating the MySQL database, making almost everything automatically.

Installing: Upload your files and the sql ones and then get in the Micro DB installing page. It’s required you write a username and choose a password. Then, after completing all this information the script will be automatically ran.


Yahoo! Mail Watcher for Firefox

Yahoo! Mail Watcher is a  Firefox add-on that works like Hotmail Watcher: users will be announced by a sound and a notification when they will  receive a email.

The Yahoo! Mail Watcher works only if you are logged in your Yahoo Mail account. This means that you don’t need to write your username and password in the addon.

With a single click you can see the received mail. The addon can be configured to show the notification in the status bar or in the action bar of the Firefox.  The sound and the alert can be disabled.

You cand download it from  here .

Firefox – how to get low resouces consumption even with multiple tabs

Firefox uses a lot of memory when you have more than one open tab.

How to fix it? Easily, just follow these steps:

1. Write about: config in the location bar (where you usually write the address of a website) and then press enter
2. Right click on the window that appears
3. Choose “new”>”integer”
4. Copy in the new window: browser.cache.memory.capacity
5. Ok
6. Set the value to 60000
7. Restart Firefox

Review Gun Bros, a Chrome game in waves with powerful weapons

Hello guys.

Today, I presented  a tutorial: How to install games through Google Chrome Browser and two awesome Chrome games.

Now, I will show you, Gun Bros.

I recommend you to play the game with your internet connection on and  logged  in  your Google and Facebook Accounts in order to save your progress. However, you can play the game offline and unlogged from your accounts. Also, I recommend you to play the game on Full Screen ( Press F11 on your browser).

Gun Bros can be installed from Web Store or from the link:


Use the ARROW keys or W/S/A/D to move your Gun Bro

Use the Mouse to aim, and hold the Left mouse button to fire

The SPACE BAR opens your Smartillery menu. From here you can use your Smartillery power ups by clicking on them with the mouse

Press the SHIFT key to switch guns

Press ESC to bring up the Pause menu

You are a member of the special unit Fragged (The Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division ) and you fight against Tool(Tyrannical Oppressors of Life) and zombies in order to free the universe. In this moment, there are available 3 planets and an asteroid. However, soon the developers will make available 7 new planets. You enter to a planet and wait for your enemies to come in waves.

Automatically, a bros npc will fight in your side. In order to change your npc, you need to recruit people from facebook. However, they cannot control their character in your game. They control their character only in their own game.

Almost each planet has different environment that can help you. The first planet has some  boxes in wich you can shoot and they will explode, another planet has two cannons that can be activated for a period of time, another planet has a tower that slows your enemies.

You have acces to armory where you can buy items that have different skill points, depending on your level and money. To buy items you need xplodium. To get xplodium you need to resist in the battle and to take the xplodium bonus from the map ( just follow the green arrow) .


– Nice graphics for a browser game.

–  A lot of items to buy from armory ( weapons, armor, power ups ).

– Bonus items on the field ( xplodium, health, xp).

– The refinery.


– Low fps because is a browser game.

–  Sometimes, it takes too long to load because the size of the game is 140 mb.

– You cannot control your bros or you cannot equip him.

Recommended tactics:

  1. You stay in a corner and shoot everything that comes.
  2. You use your companion to guard your back.
  3. You run if there are too many enemies, while shooting.
  4. You use your power ups and the environment.
  5. You buy new weapons and armory.
  6. You recruit new and powerful bros.
  7. You use the refinery with the 72 hours option for more money.

Awesome Chrome Browser Games: Angry Birds and Monster Dash

Hello guys!

I already  wrote how to install games in Chrome Browser. Now I will  show you Angry Birds and Monster Dash, both installed through Chrome.

The first one, is Angry Birds. You can install through web store or through  the link of Angry Birds: .

As you see, the game is similar with the Android version, however it  has a new stage dedicated to Chrome.

Use your mouse to control the birds.

Have Fun!

The second game is Monster Dash. I’m sorry for the low quality, but I recorded the game at 15 fps.

Monster Dash is a side-scrolling game. You only need to jump ( over the traps or monsters) and shoot the monsters or the boxes with bonus items.  You can find in boxes weapons: rocket launcher, smg, pistols or other items such as motorcycle or life points. You have a meter that show you how much have you run, the life points and so on.

Both games are offline games, so you don’t need to worry if your internet connection is  interrupted. However to safe your game progress, I recommend you to login in Facebook and Gmail account if asked.

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