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My Cool Fonts – Awesome Fonts For Yahoo! Mail

If you are a Yahoo  email user, you can use some applications such as My Cool Fonts.

With this application you  can always use  a font that matches with your mood and also it gives you a plus to your personality.

The creation of colored mails is very simple. You need to launch the My Cool Fonts from the menu and to select the font and then to write the message and to click Create Email. Now your Email is full of life! Have Fun !

Yahoo! Mail Watcher for Firefox

Yahoo! Mail Watcher is a  Firefox add-on that works like Hotmail Watcher: users will be announced by a sound and a notification when they will  receive a email.

The Yahoo! Mail Watcher works only if you are logged in your Yahoo Mail account. This means that you don’t need to write your username and password in the addon.

With a single click you can see the received mail. The addon can be configured to show the notification in the status bar or in the action bar of the Firefox.  The sound and the alert can be disabled.

You cand download it from  here .

How to configure Outlook Express?

To configure Outlook Express  on your computer , you need to follow these steps:
1. You open Outlook Express and go to Tools/Accounts;
2.You select  Add Mail;
3.At Display Name, you write your own name;
4.At email adress, you need to write your email adress;

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5.At Incoming/Outgoing :;
6.At Account Name , you write a name account(i recommend the email adress);
7.At Password  you write your password for the email account.

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How to redirect emails to another address?

To redirect  Yahoo mails to another address you must:

1. Select Options / Mail Options ;
2.  Click on  POP Access%  Forwarding ;
3. Select the Forwarding option;
4. Write the email where you want to receive your emails;
5. Click submit button.

How to attach a photo in Yahoo Mail?

To attach and send a picture in Yahoo Mail you should follow these steps:

1. Click on Attach Files ;
2. Click on Browse and find the picture from your computer that you want to attach.  Once you found, you must select it and click Open.;
3. Click on Attach Files button and wait until the image is scanned for viruses.;
4. Once the photo has been attached press send.

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