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Do you want a free IPHONE 4? Vrei un IPHONE 4 GRATUIT? Szeretne egy ingyenes iPhone 4?

If your answer is yes, then write your email adress in the white box that is on  this LINK(CLICK ME!) than Press the blue button under the place were your wrote your email.

Daca raspunsul tau este da, atunci introdu adresa ta de email in casuta alba de pe LINKUL ASTA (CLICK) si apoi apasa pe butonul albastru de sub locul unde ti-ai introdus emailul.

Ha a válasz igen, akkor adja meg e-mail címét a fehér mezőbe be ezt az ablakot (KATT), majd nyomja meg a kék gombra, ahol a beírt e-mail.

My Gadget Wish List For The Next 5 Years

  1. PORT Designs Aspen 16 Rucksack Laptop !  Link available for preview : ;
  2. Sony EricssonXperia X10 Smartphone !  Link available for preview : ;
  3. BenQ T1260 Photo Camera ! Link available for preview : ;
  4. Asus K52JK-SX031D Laptop ! Link available for preview : ;
  5. A4tech KLS-5UP or Genius SlimStar i220 or Genius KB-320e Keyboard ! Link available for preview:,genius-slimstar-i220-p38372992,genius-kb-320e-p31273003/ .

This is my  Gadget Wish List for my next 5 years of my life.

The first gadget that I want is the smartphone :D, The Brilliant Smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 . With a little help from some friends from USA, until the end of this year, I will really … really touch it !!!! OMG! I’m expecting this smartphone since october!  I made a  very careful comparasion between X10 and other smartphones as Htc Desire Hd or the latest Samsung Galaxy S and considering the price and all the facilities of each phone I  found that X10 is the best choice, even without those 16 millions colors that Samsung Galaxy S have or other stuff that Htc Desire have too.

The second gadget is actually a necessity. One of those three keyboards should be mine, because I have a very bad laptop, bad bad Acer, that after 10 months its keyboard doesn’t work properly. Also, another reason for begging the keyboard is that i really write a lot of things as blog articles ( at 3 different blogs), some javascript,  html, css, Java programming, C programming, projects in Latex and Word and so on. I will buy a keyboard, maybe none of those three that I mentioned earlier, this week or the next week.

The third object, a gadget accessory, the Laptop Rucksack is another necessity for transportation of my Acer laptop. Yes, i already have a laptop bag, but is easier to transport on your back the laptop and also a Rucksack always will be more useful than a bag. I found the PORT Designs Aspen 16 Rucksack Laptop at an It store near me and I will buy it these days.

The next two gadgets are really expansive for me so I’m expecting that I will succeed to have enough money to buy the photo camera near march next year, when is also my birthday. I will buy the Asus Laptop, the real laptop, after this one, the Acer, will really crash. I can tell that I need only a couple of years and the Acer Laptop will make … POC!

Period :   15.11.2010 -15.11.2015

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