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Cum sa iti pui semnatura automata la Outlook


  1. Pentru crearea semnaturii deschideti un nou mesaj si apasati pe Signature -> Signatures
  1. Dupa care apasati New, ii dati un nume semnaturii, din dreapta de la New messages si la Replies/ forwards, alegeti semnatura creata pentru a fi adaugata automat la mail-urile noi si la reply-uri/forward-uri.


  1. In partea de jos creati semnatura la Edit Signature, aproximativ ca in Word.


How to install a mysql database with Micro DB Installer

What does Micro DB Installer do?

Micro DB Installer is a php script that will help you creating the MySQL database, making almost everything automatically.

Installing: Upload your files and the sql ones and then get in the Micro DB installing page. It’s required you write a username and choose a password. Then, after completing all this information the script will be automatically ran.


How do you know when a friend deleted you from his messenger list

How do you know when a friend deleted you from his messenger list

1. First of all, you will not be able to see his avatar. You need to be patience. The most of the times you need to sign out and sign in and to wait a couple of minutes until all the avatars of your contacts appear at your messenger friend list.

2.  To be sure that you aren’t in your friend list, you can write a status and ask him to say what is your status. If he doesn’t have you in his list, he can’t see the status.

How to create strong passwords

Step 1: Choose a phrase

You can create a more secure password by starting with a simple phrase. For example, let’s use a quote from Ogden Nash:

“Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.”

If we use the first letter of each word, and substitute 4 for “for”, we get:


Step 2: Add special characters

This is a reasonably strong password but we can improve it a bit by adding some special characters:


Step 3: Associate it with a website

We can use our new password on several different websites by adding a prefix or suffix with a mnemonic link to a particular site. Let’s use the first letter and the next two consonants in the site name.

Just to add a bit more randomness we’ll alternate upper-case and lower case, and if the first character in the site name is a vowel we’ll start with upper-case. To mix things up a bit more we’ll use the same rule to decide whether to add the site mnemonic to the left side or the right side.

#Hihas4ei:AmZ    for Amazon
fCb#Hihas4ei:    for Facebook
#Hihas4ei:YtB    for YouTube
dRm#Hihas4ei:    for Drumbeat

This is just one possible rule for picking the prefix or suffix that you use to customize your password for each web site. Reversing the order of the letters in the suffix, using only vowels, only consonants, or adding some other characters that come to mind when you think about the web site are all possible approaches that will improve security.

While this technique lets us reuse the phrase-generated part of the password on a number of different websites, it would still be a bad idea to use it on a site like a bank account which contains high-value information. Sites like that deserve their own password selection phrase.

How to move the Yahoo! Messenger archive from a computer to other computer

Yahoo! Messenger  offers a simple method to move the archive from a computer to other  computer .

The first step: You need to close Yahoo Messenger.

Second step( For Windows Xp):
You need to go to C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger\Profiles.  Here you will find folders for each id that loged in you Yahoo Messenger.

Third Step: You must to choose the folder of your id  Now. You open it and  save the Archive folder to a stick or cd.
If you use Vistaor Windows 7, the path for your archive folder is:
C:\Users\(windows_username)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles.

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