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Teme forum phpbb3: F4Time Black si IasiCS

F4Time Black



Descarca-l, a webmessenger that lets you to make video calls is a free IM client based on a web interface that supports Yahoo!, AIM, Facebook, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, Skype. This service also allows video calls.

Video calls offer a big chat window and if the connection is down, automatically reconnects.

Stay in touch with friends on different protocols without having to download or install additional audio or video software (as long as you have flash installed on your browser): AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN,
MySpace, Skype, and Yahoo!
Resize the video chat window
Customize the settings – Adjust the volume, video quality, and display settings

How to have a free 8 gigabytes online hard disk with DropBox

Dropbox is the online free service which allows you to synchronize the files between several computers and/or mobile phones like Android, Nokia, Blackberry or iPhone, using the internet. Dropbox offers initially 2GB of free stocking space but there are certain ways you can get even 8GB (at every invitation you send, you receive 250MB; maximum 8GB)

How does Dropbox work:

Before anything you’ll have to register and create a new account by clicking here:

After you complete the form you have to download and install the application in the computer.

When they ask you to create an account, you choose the ‘I already have an account’, then you click next and then you complete the form using the data that you used to create your account.

The email address used for the registration

The password you’ve chosen at the registration

Name the computer you’ll install the application on (to differentiate it from the others, in case you’ll add some more)

Click on the Next to finish the installation process

When you finish the installation process in the host computer, a new folder named “Dropbox” will be created. Every time you’ll upload files in this folder, this ones will the automatically uploaded on the online hard disk.

How can you get 8GB of free space

You log on to Dropbox from Internet Browser, the you click on “Get extra space free” (this function is available in the lower left corner) and you send invitations to your friends and acquaintances to join you in using this service, or you can use the posting of Facebook option, the one of sending invites through email or just posting the generated link by Dropbox on Twitter, HI5, and so on.

Status generator for Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook

With  Fun Status Generator  you can create  a status that contains special characters. The status can be for  Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger , Google Talk and so on.

To use this program you need to go at  and you need to write in the text box where is“Scrie Status sau Nickname/ID”  the status you want to appear.
This program will modify your status in different styles : Magic Nicks Style, H4k3r, BrEeZaH, Craxy Gotic, Old-Style (Nicks
Altschrift), mini Love-Style, Love-Craxy-Style, Craxy Flip Nomal Style etc.Once the status generator created your status you can copy and paste it on Yahoo Messenger or Facebook.

Free Online Icon Generator:

The website: offer you a method to generate a ico for you websites or applications.

After you entered on the website, you need to choose a file to upload and to be transformed in an ico. There are allowed: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, files and they must be < 1 megabytes. After you have chosen your image, you press the upload it button.

At step 2, you need to choose the size of the ico. ( width and height) and to press the generate it. For Windows 7 applications you need to choose the 48 x 48 pixels for a decent ico.

At step 3, you choose your icon and download it .

You don’t forget this little tutorial, because I will write one where you create a screensaver application and you will need a ico for it.

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