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Ce joburi isi mai gaseste romanu’

Cautam pe tocmai acum cateva saptamanii niste anunturi si am dat peste un job… interesant.  Mai multe in imaginea de mai jos.


flappy birds

flappy birds

Daca nu stiati, flappy bird, jocul pentru android cu pasarica care trebuia sa treaca pe langa niste tevi, a fost scos din Google Play si nu a mai fost valabila publicului. Dar romanul ingenios de fel, a gasit probabil o modalitate pentru a instala jocul si bine inteles, a inventat un nou job : Instalator de Flappy Bird.

Ce parere aveti ? 😀


How to install Android 2.2 on iPhone 3G

To  install Android 2.2 (Froyo) on iPhone 3G you need to follow the following steps :

1. You need to download  and instalati-l  iPhoneDroid.
2.Now, you click install. You will need the  MAC adress.
3.From Settings/wifi , you must copy the IP in iPhoneDroid
4. Once the SSH connection is established, the installation of Android 2.2 begins.
5. You will be asked if you have  OpeniBoot installed ?If you don’t have it, you need to select no.
6. At the question: „Do you want to backup the NOR?” , you select „Yes, please”.
7.At the end, you need to put the  iPhone-ul in Scroll  Mode to install OpeniBoot . Also, you need to hold down the Power button+ Home until the installation begins. That’s all.

How to install Android 2.2 on HTC Touch Diamond

1.  You need to download the  XDAndroid 2.2 (rel 1.6).cab file and to install it on your  SD card.

// 2. From Windows Mobile, under  Program Files, choose s Android. The phone will restart. Please be patient.
3.Go on Android .


The best music player for Android OS: Play by Yahoo! Music

Yahoo launched a new  software named Play by Yahoo Music.  This software is a music player for Android OS.

This is the first step that Yahoo made to bring a new generation of musical applications for Android users.

Yahoo allow this application to take control of Smart Shuffle in order to create an intelligent playlist  based on your mood and musical preferences.

Play by Yahoo! Music has:

1. Music Player: Play all your songs from your phone.

2. Artist news: View the latest news about your favorite artists while listening to  their music .

3. Cover Art
4. Smart Shuffle

5. Song ID: Leave the application on and if you  want you can look for songs on the radio.

6. Social Sharing:  Create a link,  with your song, to a social network for  your friends .


1. Am primit admin pe 😀 .

2. Am creat :

   AndroYmLover = Aplicatia pentru telefonul tau cu Android care iti aduce ultimele noutati de pe !

O poti descarca de AICI sau cu ajutorul imaginii de mai jos.

3. Am creat si:

Ce este AndroRâs ? O aplicatie pentru Android care ofera ultimele articole de pe Blogu’ de Râs. Aplicatia poate fi      descarcata de AICI sau AICI ori folosind imaginea de mai jos.

Atentie: Daca descarcati de pe primul link( cel de la Mediafire), la Opera cand dati save, sa adaugati la nume .apk si sa selectati all files.

4. Am primit admin pe serverul de cs PUBLIC.CS-GOTHIC.RO ( Addons Normal )

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