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How to install a mysql database with Micro DB Installer

What does Micro DB Installer do?

Micro DB Installer is a php script that will help you creating the MySQL database, making almost everything automatically.

Installing: Upload your files and the sql ones and then get in the Micro DB installing page. It’s required you write a username and choose a password. Then, after completing all this information the script will be automatically ran.


How to move the Yahoo! Messenger archive from a computer to other computer

Yahoo! Messenger  offers a simple method to move the archive from a computer to other  computer .

The first step: You need to close Yahoo Messenger.

Second step( For Windows Xp):
You need to go to C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger\Profiles.  Here you will find folders for each id that loged in you Yahoo Messenger.

Third Step: You must to choose the folder of your id  Now. You open it and  save the Archive folder to a stick or cd.
If you use Vistaor Windows 7, the path for your archive folder is:
C:\Users\(windows_username)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles.

A decoding program for Yahoo Messenger archive

With Yahoo! Message Archive Decoder, you can read the Yahoo Messenger Archive  without knowing the username or the password.

You can download the software from  here .

Solving the writting issues from Yahoo Messenger in Windows 7

Hello guys!
I noticed that lately more people complain of the writting issues from Yahoo messenger in Windows 7. It seems that sometime, you can’t see the writting from your chat partner in Yahoo messenger.

In this post, I’ll show you the answer at this problem.

Number 1 solution.

Close Yahoo ! Messenger and then in the ” Run ” box  from start menu, you write: regsvr32 jscript.dll

and we click ” OK ” (img. above) .  A windows opens . It confirms that the library was registered successfully.

You need to do the same thing with: regsvr32 vbscript.dll.

Number 2 solution.

In the RUN box from start menu,  you write Regedit and  you press Enter or you click OK :

This opens the Registry Editor . In this follow the route indicated by arrows in the picture below (from 1 to 6 ) :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Internet Settings

In Zones (indicated by arrow 7 in the picture above) we right-click and choose Delete(arrow 8 ) , from the context menu. If we are asked to do this, we confirm that we are carrying out the action.

You close Registry Editor and restart the computer.

If after the reboot issue is not resolved, I think the only solution remains formatting or reinstalling Windows.

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