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How to easily create pdf files from any windows program with PDFCreator

Sometimes, you need information from a website or a software , but you cannot save it or print it. Now, I will show you how to save or print any information from any website or software that runs in Windows Xp, Vista or 7.

First of all, you need to download the PDFCreator software from here: . After that, you install the software and  you run it.

Now, all you need is to go to the website or go to the software area where is the information you need and press from the keyboard print screen ( Here is a tutorial how to steal images from secured website using paint and print screen) .

 Now, you must go to the PdfCreator and paste the print ( ctrl+v or from mouse) . A new window will appear.

As you can see, you are now creating the pdf file. You can write down the name of the file, the date of creation, the author, the subject of the file and the keywords. You can choose the profile and if you want to open the file after saving it and creating it in pdf format.

Also you have some button: cancel to cancel the save, wait-collect to wait for more print screens an to create a pdf file with more than 1 page, options for different options, e-mail to email and save to save.

With pdfCreator you can install printers and print the files.

How to convert text to image with ConvertTextToImage tool

Hello guys!

Today, I will show you how to convert text to image with ConvertTextToImage software .

First of all, you need to download the soft: [download id=”2″]

  1. With the convert button,  you convert the text to image.
  2. With the close button,  you close the software.
  3. With the browse button, you browse for the image file location, where you want to save the converted text.
  4. With the clear button , you clear the log where is shown the converted texts.
You can select the font size or to copy the file name to clipboard. Where I wrote ” I converted a text to image”, you need to write your own text.
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