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My Cool Fonts – Awesome Fonts For Yahoo! Mail

If you are a Yahoo  email user, you can use some applications such as My Cool Fonts.

With this application you  can always use  a font that matches with your mood and also it gives you a plus to your personality.

The creation of colored mails is very simple. You need to launch the My Cool Fonts from the menu and to select the font and then to write the message and to click Create Email. Now your Email is full of life! Have Fun !

How do you know when a friend deleted you from his messenger list

How do you know when a friend deleted you from his messenger list

1. First of all, you will not be able to see his avatar. You need to be patience. The most of the times you need to sign out and sign in and to wait a couple of minutes until all the avatars of your contacts appear at your messenger friend list.

2.  To be sure that you aren’t in your friend list, you can write a status and ask him to say what is your status. If he doesn’t have you in his list, he can’t see the status.

Yahoo Decode 7 – Yahoo! Messenger archive decoder

Yahoo Decode 7  is a simple application that allows  you to read the archive from Yahoo Messenger, without logining.  So, if you have the archive you can read it without writing the passoword or the  id.   You can save the archive as plain text or html. Also you can search the archive with this software.

  Yahoo Decode 7

A new Instant Messanging Program : IgniteIM

IgniteIM  is a new instant messaging program that can be downloaded for free from App Store. IgnireIM  l supports Aol/Aim, Facebook, GTalk, Icq, Msn, MySpace and Yahoo. Also, the program is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and with iOS 3.0 or above. There is a Pro version, too.

You can download the application from  App Store  .

aLync – Instant Messenger for Yahoo, GTalk, MSN

aLync  is a Instant Messenger client for Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN and  OCS/Lync (At this one is necessary CWA for connection ) . This im client provides you  a file transfer, the posibillity to sent messages and call contacts from your list.

In the same time, you can create a conferince with all your friends from the 4 services (Yahoo,GTalk,MSN si OSC/Lync).

To download aLync you need to go here .

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