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My “Financial/Job” Wish List For The Next Three Years

  1. To be hired in a national/international company.
  2. To have two jobs.
  3. To have a lovely job in it.
  4. To have the first salary around 1000RON( almost 225 euro).
  5. To increase my salary after 6 months around 1500RON (almost 325 euro).
  6. To increase my salary after 1 year around 2000RON( almost 425 euro)
  7. To save around 200RON (almost 40 euro) per month  from the 1000RON salary.
  8. To save around 450RON (almost 90 euro) per month from the 1500RON salary.
  9. To save around 900RON (almost 180 euro) per month from the 2000RON salary.
  10. To afford to buy all my gadget and book wish lists in 2 years with the help of my savings.
  11. To afford to buy  and mantain a large online community in 3 years with the help of my savings.

Any person desires to be hired in a national/international company… The reasons are obvious: bigger salary, bigger team, higer reputation. My desire, at this moment, is to be hired at two companies in the same time… so I want to have two jobs: one in an international company named Continental and the second job at InnoGames as community manager for one of their online games community. The first job will be the job with the biggest salary, but here the future isn’t so clear, however at InnoGames is another story because I like to play their games and I already played them 2 years and also because I have experience in community administration and moderation. A lovely job for me in blogging/web design or something like that, will be the perfect one.

I’d like that my first salary to be around 225 euro and than to increase in a couple of months at 325 euro and then 425 and so on… At the beggining the 225 euro will be enough for me to pay all my taxes and the food, after that I will need a higher salary to save some money for my other pleasures such as books, gadgets or websites. Once I have enough savings, I will start to buy books and gadgets and I will start to offer financial support to some interesting and useful communities around the Internet. In additional, I will make some online projects that will need financial funds for host, domain or other online services useful for projects.

Period: 07.03.2012-07.03.2015

Note: Some updates may appear here until the end of the period.

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