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Resurse :D

Probabil ultima parte din resursele online pe care le recomand, deoarece nu prea mai am timp… De ce? Asta ar fi subiectul altui articol pe care il voi scrie in curand… si nu numai. Trebuie sa fac si un roman despre colegii de camera… desi primul sequel l-am scris deja… Ei bine mai sunt inca 3 parti ( 3 colegii) ca sa zic asa, cel putin pana acum, dar voi trece rapid printre ei.


Sa trecem la resurse.

Ca sa vezi cine gazduieste un site, intrii pe introduci siteul si acesta

detecteaza firma/persoana care gazduieste siteul respectiv. Este util in cazul in care vrei sa stii de ce un site functioneaza cam deloc… sau excelent.

Stim deja ca jQuery este o librarie javascript, ei bine pe gasesti atat libraria pentru descarcat, cat si  diverse aplicatii sau efecte speciale pentru interfata utilizatorului.

Convertirea unui fisier word in pdf sau invers… poate fi destul de usor daca stii de sau mai greu daca incerci diverse siteuri care… nu fac ceea ce ai vrea.


JQuery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Cateva video-tutoriale:

Cum sa gasesti ce tema wordpress are un blog

Un loc cu scripturi pentru siteul tau – Download Javascripts

Editor de imagini profesional online Lunapic

Iar saptamana viitoare, pornim cu partea a 2 din pluginurile wordpress.


Cateva siteuri utile azi:

Un site unde poti testa online scripturi javascript impreuna cu html si css –

Un site cu care verifici rapid page rankul altor siteuri –

Cum poti sa vezi versiunile vechi ale siteului tau sau chiar sa aflii cand a fost infintat un site si cum arata in diverse perioade –


English: Firefox word mark. Correct clear spac...

English: Firefox word mark. Correct clear space (1/3 height of „F”) and color (#D64203) from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editia de aceasta saptamana se refera la addonsuri si toolsuri pentru firefox utile pentru web developeri…

  1. ColorZilla : home page , download url. – Cu ColorZilla poti copia orice culoare pe care o vezi pe un site, indiferent ca e text sau imagine.
  2. Empty Cache Button:  download url. – O extensie cu ajutorul careia iti golesti cacheul daca actualizezi des un site si vrei sa vezi schimbarile mai repede.
  3. Firebug: home page, download url. – Firebug impreuna cu toate addonsurile sale proprii pe care le gasiti pe home page, te ajuta enorm, nu doar sa intelegi codul sursa al unui site, dar si sa faci diverse experimente live si chiar sa copiezi si sa folosesti mai tarziu codul pe care l-ai gasit cu Firebug.
  4. MeasureIt : home page, download url. -Vrei sa masori un meniu? Un container? Vrei sa vezi marimea unui element dintr-un site? Cu acest addons poti sa masori direct in browser orice element doresti cu o rigla virtuala.
  5. Fireftp: home page, download url. – Daca iti place sa lucrezi direct din browser, atunci poti folosii acest addons pentru a te conecta pe serverul Ftp al siteului tau.

My „To Do” Wish List For The Next Two Years UPDATED

This is an UPDATED and  EXTENDED list for two years.

For the original post, read this.

  1. To create at least 5 WordPress Themes using css/html/javascript/jquery/php. ( I almost modified one theme … but there is a lot of work)
  2. To learn  jquery. (jquery is only a  javascript, library, so instead of learning jquery, I will improve my javascript skills )
  3. To understand phpbb3 platform better.
  4. To understand prestashop platform and to create a nice and useful online shop with it.
  5. To understand joomla and mediawiki cms.
  6. To improve my javascript knowledge ( almost done).
  7. To maintain my css and html knowledge(almost done).
  8. To copy this blog to another host as : with all its widgets, theme, options, articles and so on.
  9. To improve the copied blog with javascript/css/html/jquery scripts.
  10. To try to create at least 1 WordPress plugin using javascript/css/php ( done, but I need to make some stuff in php for better optimization).
  11. To learn about the diference between javascript and actionscript.
  12. To create at least 3  different websites using  Macromedia DreamWeaver 8. ( It’s worthless to work in MAcromedia DreamWeaver. The best solution in web programming is Notepad ++ and Firefox Firebug/ Error Console.)
  13. To learn flash using  Macromedia Flash 8.
  14. To write some articles on this blog in English so I will improve my English (done).
  15. To maintain and improve my skills creating pdf documents with Latex/Tex .
  16. To maintain and improve my skills at Oracle Sql.

First of all, I really want to create a couple of WordPress Themes using my actual css/html/javascript skills and then to create some new WordPress Themes using my improved css/html/javascript/jquery skills. After creating a WordPress Theme I will personally try to test it 😀 . I’m very anxious about this first „to do” item  because I want to create a WordPress Theme since last year.

Second and third, the ideea of learning jquery came to me when I read some blog articles and the first part of a jquery tutorial made in Romanian. I think that jquery is very similar with css, a language that I already know, but being a javascript library wil also help me improve my javascript skill.

The forth item in my „to do” list is to maintain my css and html knowledge.

That means that I really must do something in this two languages , the purposes of the first, the fifth, the sixth , the seventh, the nineth and the eleventh „to do” item are to improve, maintain and learn html/javascript/jquery/css/english. Also in order to maintain these skills, I must, periodically, use them creating themes, widgets, websites etc.

The eighth item will help me to understand better javascript and to know some things about action script. This item will represent a little reading for me so I will relax after learning so many languages.

The tenth item is another learning  item. I wanted to learn Flash since may this year and I installed Macromedia Flash 8 in october. Now, I only need some time to discover the program.

The last two items appeared yesterday in my mind because of my Operating System Teacher Ciprian Pungila. He gave me and my colleges a project where we must implement different commands for Linux os in C and we must make a documentation file using Latex and Winedt. I successfully made the documentation in Latex in 4 days learning  Latex because I didn’t know at all. My documentation has a picture, a title file and a main file. I wanted to make a separate bibliography file, but I didn’t succeed, but next time I will succeed to make it. The Oracle Sql item also has an influence from my  Database  Teacher Gheorghe Petrov that gives homeworks in Oracle Sql and I find the Sql things very interesting and logical.

Period: 18.11.2010-18.11.2012

Note: Some updates may appear here until the end of the period.

UPDATE : I extented period with +1 year, I removed some things from the list and added other things.

I’m also working an new project : a browser-text based game online in Romanian, the subject being : Game of Thrones. So this project will help me to improve my web programming skills.

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