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Yahoo! Mail Watcher for Firefox

Yahoo! Mail Watcher is a  Firefox add-on that works like Hotmail Watcher: users will be announced by a sound and a notification when they will  receive a email.

The Yahoo! Mail Watcher works only if you are logged in your Yahoo Mail account. This means that you don’t need to write your username and password in the addon.

With a single click you can see the received mail. The addon can be configured to show the notification in the status bar or in the action bar of the Firefox.  The sound and the alert can be disabled.

You cand download it from  here .

How to set auto response for your Yahoo mail ?

1. You need to login in your  Yahoo! Mail account.
2. Now, you click the Options button, than the Mail Options button  and now you select from the list the Vacation Response.
3. You must select the Enable for the auto-response to enable  during your vacation, after that you write the message you want to appear as auto response.

How to delete all emails from Yahoo Mail inbox with few clicks.

Many users already know that Yahoo ! currently uses two graphics interfaces for YahooMail .The Yahoo Mail Classic and the new version of ” All-New Mail „. If you have decided to delete all messages from Yahoo Mail Inbox, you must go from Yahoo Mail Classic  to All-New Mail version (you can always return to original version).

1. In Yahoo Mail Classic somewhere on the right is a link ” Options „. Click on it and then on the menu that opens click on ” Switch to All-New Mail „.

2. Inbox > click on Actions  and then on the menu that opens click on  “Select All Emails“.

3.  After all the emails have been selected, we click on Delete .

  Yahoo!  can’t delete more than 25.000  emails in the same time.

If you have more than 25.000 emails,  you must repeat the second step.

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