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The best music player for Android OS: Play by Yahoo! Music

Yahoo launched a new  software named Play by Yahoo Music.  This software is a music player for Android OS.

This is the first step that Yahoo made to bring a new generation of musical applications for Android users.

Yahoo allow this application to take control of Smart Shuffle in order to create an intelligent playlist  based on your mood and musical preferences.

Play by Yahoo! Music has:

1. Music Player: Play all your songs from your phone.

2. Artist news: View the latest news about your favorite artists while listening to  their music .

3. Cover Art
4. Smart Shuffle

5. Song ID: Leave the application on and if you  want you can look for songs on the radio.

6. Social Sharing:  Create a link,  with your song, to a social network for  your friends .

Dubstep si L-wiz

Am descoperit de cateva  zile un nou gen muzical si un nou artist!

Genul se numeste Dubstep si conform Wikipedia, Dubstep este un gen muzical elctronic-dance, original din Londra.  O noua combinatie de bass & mix  care creaza Dubstep! Destul de misto sunt sunetele care ies din aceasta combinatie.

Reprezentantul ei, gasit de mine este L-wiz. Acesta pare la prima vedere un rapper/hip hopper, dar el creeaza Dubstep.

Mai jos aveti un link cu cateva melodii create de el.

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