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Preview: Need for Speed the Run

The E3 demo, Death From Above, dropped you right in the middle of the action on the streets and rooftops of Chicago, but that’s like reading only a few pages in the middle of a novel. So, here’s a bit of the set-up. Everything begins when Jack gets himself into some very serious trouble, and the only way to solve his problem is to enter and win an illicit, 200-driver race from San Francisco to New York.

In Chicago, where the demo takes place, you (as Jack) are only 800 miles from NYC. Jack is aware that the mob is involved, but in the streets of Chicago, he realizes just how invested they are in keeping him from finishing the race. You’ll also notice that since you’re in the later stages of an illicit race, a lot of law enforcement is trying to bring your Run to an end.

In designing the game, we explored the possibility of free-roam, but decided that in The Run, the ultimate goal is to get from San Francisco to New York City as fast as possible, which means you keep going at all times, rather than exploring the city or stopping for lunch. That’s why the out-of-car scenes, while revealing the story, are all about keeping you immersed in the action, getting you to your next car, and getting you back to top speed as quickly as possible.



Forum pentru pasionati de Jocuri

Nou 😀 ! Forum pentru pasionati de jocuri pc si nu numai .

Impreuna cu Tavi , am realizat un forum international pentru pasionati de jocuri, cu diverse informatii despre diferite jocuri si nu numai!

Momentan pe forum sunt deschise topicuri  ca : Re-volt , Grand Theft Auto, Serious Sam, O2Jam, Urban Terror, Insane, QuakeNeed For Speed, Online Games , multe din ele avand diverse discutii si informatii despre diferite versiuni ale jocurilor respective.

Bine inteles ca mai avem si sectiunea de Off Topic pentru spammeri … 😀

Ajuta-ne si tu sa cream o comunitate mare ,frumoasa si pasionata! Intra si tu pe Forumul Multi Games , fa-ti cont si scrie despre jocul tau favorit!

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