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The brilliant Im client: Trillian for BlackBerry


* Connect to Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, and MySpaceIM
* Synchronize with Trillian for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Web and BlackBerry for contact list, avatars, accounts, etc
* Support for many BlackBerry phones, including BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Curve, and Pearl
* Two beautiful themes – black and white – designed to smoothly integrate into the BlackBerry environment
* Handy and thoughtful keyboard shortcuts throughout
* Various notification options – sounds, vibration, LED control, email push, home screen icons
* Contact list sorting, grouping, MetaContacts, privacy, and organization
* Set status, avatar, and display name from within the app
* Message window bubble view, copy/paste, send photo, send buzzes, emoticons
* Supports BIS, BES, WiFi, and direct TCP connections

How to send free text messages to your friends on Yahoo

The most popular version of Yahoo Messenger is the mobile one. This version can help you to send free text messages to your friends. All you need is their number.

To sent free sms text messages, you need to enter from your phone’s browser to . Here you can send a instant message to a friend to his yahoo messenger or a text message to his phone number.

To sent a text message you need to enter the person’s phone number in the phonebook.

How to unlock Iphone 4

In order to unlock your iPhone 4, you need to follow the next steps :

1 You connect your iphone to a wi-fi network.
2,You open safari browser.
3.You go to  and start to jailbreak your phone.
4. After that, you go to  Settings-General-Network and close the 3G.
5.You install Cydia. You press  Home and you search for  cydia in applications.
6. In Cydia, you press ultrasn0w . If you have the 1.0.1 version than you go to step 10 .

7. You can’t unlock  your Iphone if you have a ultrasnow version newer than 1.01. In this situation, you press the Manage button and select Sources-Edit-App and you write in the text box.
8.You restart your Iphone.
9.Now, you go to cydia and you search ultrasn0w. Now, the version must be 1.0.1 or newer.
10 You press the install button for ultrasnow.
11. The Iphone 4 is unlocked.

This tutorial is only for persons that have Iphone 4 and iOS 3.1 or 4.0


How to unlock a Blackberry

If you want to use your Blackberry in  other networks , you need to unlock it. You must follow the next steps.:

1. You call your mobile operator from where you take the phone and you ask him the MEP code.
2, He will ask you to tell him your IMEI  number. To find out your IMEI  number press on your phone  „#06#”.”
3.Once that you have your MEP code, you need to close your wireless radio.
4.Then you go to settings and options and then to Advance Options.
5; After that you go to SIM Card.
6 Write “MEPD” on yout phone.
7.You should see  the Network is Active
8 Hold Shift + write  MEPE or MEP2
9. Now should appear your Network as disabled.


Do you want a free IPHONE 4? Vrei un IPHONE 4 GRATUIT? Szeretne egy ingyenes iPhone 4?

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