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How to put at your Yahoo Messenger status, the song you are listening in Winamp with YM Status Mixer

I found a software made by  Ciprian Pungila. The software changes the status from your YM depending on the song that plays in Winamp. Also, it can display quotes from a list.

When you install it, you need to enter your id and the status you want to display. Also the Winamp must be turned on.

The program is written in Delphi 7 and the last version is available here.  The software support Yahoo Messenger and Trillian 3.x .

Status generator for Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook

With  Fun Status Generator  you can create  a status that contains special characters. The status can be for  Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger , Google Talk and so on.

To use this program you need to go at  and you need to write in the text box where is“Scrie Status sau Nickname/ID”  the status you want to appear.
This program will modify your status in different styles : Magic Nicks Style, H4k3r, BrEeZaH, Craxy Gotic, Old-Style (Nicks
Altschrift), mini Love-Style, Love-Craxy-Style, Craxy Flip Nomal Style etc.Once the status generator created your status you can copy and paste it on Yahoo Messenger or Facebook.

A software that shows on the Yahoo Messenger status which song is playing : Yahoo Messenger Now Playing

Yahoo! Messenger Now Playing  is a software that shows on the Yahoo Messenger status which song is playing on Winamp.  To install the software, you need at least Winamp 5.

Steps to follow for using the software”

1.Donwload the software from de here .

2. Install the software.

3. Open Winamp.

4. Go to Preferences ( CTRL+P).

5. At Plug-ins choose General Purposes.

6. Double click on Yahoo Messenger  Now Playing.

Here you can see some other settings that you can manage such as: display the author, the name song, the length of the song and so on.

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