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IMCapture for Yahoo! Messenger – record voice and video calls

IMCapture for Yahoo  is a application that lets you to record any voice and video calls from Yahoo Messenger only with a double click .

· Record Audio or Video
· Start and stop recording any time
· Time Lapse indicator
· Output Folder location control
· MP3, WMA or AAC audio file formats
· Quicktime Movies (MOV), MPEG4, MPEG, VOB, PSP MPEG4, SWF and FLV video file formats
· Record privately

Yahoo Decode 7 – Yahoo! Messenger archive decoder

Yahoo Decode 7  is a simple application that allows  you to read the archive from Yahoo Messenger, without logining.  So, if you have the archive you can read it without writing the passoword or the  id.   You can save the archive as plain text or html. Also you can search the archive with this software.

  Yahoo Decode 7

How to install Yahoo Messenger 10

To install Yahoo Messenger,you   must follow these steps.

1. Download Yahoo Messenger 10  

2. In the box with the text „Do You Want to save this file” click the Run button .

3. After downloading the application you can install it.  The first step, you choose Custom Install   and you need to leave unchecked the last  4 options

4. Click the Next button. Accept the conditions and  push the Install button. At the end,  you press the Finish button.

Download Fake Webcam for Yahoo! Messenger

If you want to show your friends on Yahoo Messenger. that you have the webcam online, you can use the Fake Webcam application.

Fake webcam v3.9  is a software that can play any movie you want and your friends will see that movie and not the real webcam when they ask  you webcam, on Yahoo Messenger.
To use the software you need to install it, to start the FakeWebcam.exe and to open a movie. You can open a avi,mpeg or wma movie with the option: Add Movie File .

Log in on Yahoo Messenger and go to Options, Messenger and My Webcam. Your status will change on your view Webcam text, but your movie will play and not the webcam.

You also need to download the software from here .

How to get rid of Yahoo Messenger spam bots

I think all of you had problems with spam bots over the years. Some of you are wondering what are these messenger spam bots. On Yahoo messenger, there are IDs   that have no picture and especially if you write something, anything, it will write you  a message. These bots  will send you a link that leads to a ghost site where credit card will be required.

You must take care and  don’t be fooled by appearances and the text, because you don’t get anything promised in the text and you should not provide  any personal information about you.

Now  to get rid of these spam bots you only  need to delete  them from the list and put them in the  ignore list.

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