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How to redirect emails to another address?

To redirect  Yahoo mails to another address you must:

1. Select Options / Mail Options ;
2.  Click on  POP Access%  Forwarding ;
3. Select the Forwarding option;
4. Write the email where you want to receive your emails;
5. Click submit button.

How to attach a photo in Yahoo Mail?

To attach and send a picture in Yahoo Mail you should follow these steps:

1. Click on Attach Files ;
2. Click on Browse and find the picture from your computer that you want to attach.  Once you found, you must select it and click Open.;
3. Click on Attach Files button and wait until the image is scanned for viruses.;
4. Once the photo has been attached press send.

How to delete all emails from Yahoo Mail inbox with few clicks.

Many users already know that Yahoo ! currently uses two graphics interfaces for YahooMail .The Yahoo Mail Classic and the new version of ” All-New Mail „. If you have decided to delete all messages from Yahoo Mail Inbox, you must go from Yahoo Mail Classic  to All-New Mail version (you can always return to original version).

1. In Yahoo Mail Classic somewhere on the right is a link ” Options „. Click on it and then on the menu that opens click on ” Switch to All-New Mail „.

2. Inbox > click on Actions  and then on the menu that opens click on  “Select All Emails“.

3.  After all the emails have been selected, we click on Delete .

  Yahoo!  can’t delete more than 25.000  emails in the same time.

If you have more than 25.000 emails,  you must repeat the second step.

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