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The brilliant Im client: Trillian for BlackBerry


* Connect to Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, and MySpaceIM
* Synchronize with Trillian for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Web and BlackBerry for contact list, avatars, accounts, etc
* Support for many BlackBerry phones, including BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Curve, and Pearl
* Two beautiful themes – black and white – designed to smoothly integrate into the BlackBerry environment
* Handy and thoughtful keyboard shortcuts throughout
* Various notification options – sounds, vibration, LED control, email push, home screen icons
* Contact list sorting, grouping, MetaContacts, privacy, and organization
* Set status, avatar, and display name from within the app
* Message window bubble view, copy/paste, send photo, send buzzes, emoticons
* Supports BIS, BES, WiFi, and direct TCP connections

How do you know when a friend deleted you from his messenger list

How do you know when a friend deleted you from his messenger list

1. First of all, you will not be able to see his avatar. You need to be patience. The most of the times you need to sign out and sign in and to wait a couple of minutes until all the avatars of your contacts appear at your messenger friend list.

2.  To be sure that you aren’t in your friend list, you can write a status and ask him to say what is your status. If he doesn’t have you in his list, he can’t see the status.

Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11

Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11 is the option  that helps you to enter in more than one id in the same time on Yahoo Messenger 11 .

  Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11

To install Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11 t you need to run the  Install.reg  file.

How to move the Yahoo! Messenger archive from a computer to other computer

Yahoo! Messenger  offers a simple method to move the archive from a computer to other  computer .

The first step: You need to close Yahoo Messenger.

Second step( For Windows Xp):
You need to go to C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger\Profiles.  Here you will find folders for each id that loged in you Yahoo Messenger.

Third Step: You must to choose the folder of your id  Now. You open it and  save the Archive folder to a stick or cd.
If you use Vistaor Windows 7, the path for your archive folder is:
C:\Users\(windows_username)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles.

aLync – Instant Messenger for Yahoo, GTalk, MSN

aLync  is a Instant Messenger client for Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN and  OCS/Lync (At this one is necessary CWA for connection ) . This im client provides you  a file transfer, the posibillity to sent messages and call contacts from your list.

In the same time, you can create a conferince with all your friends from the 4 services (Yahoo,GTalk,MSN si OSC/Lync).

To download aLync you need to go here .

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