How to delete files that can’t be deleted in Windows

Hello guys!

You always wonder how to delete files that can’t be deleted in Windows. Sometimes, Windows doesn’t let you tu delete, move or rename a file. The file is locked because another software is running the file in background.

Now, with the Unlocker, you can unlock a file and delete , rename or move it. First of all, you need to download the soft. [download id=”3″]

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  1.  Here is the drop menu. You press it and then you choose the action: delete, rename, move.
  2. Here are the Kill Process from task manager, Unlock the selected file, Unlock All and Quit button.
To unlock a file, you need to right click on it and choose unlocker, then a window will appear like  with the above options.
Sometimes, unlocker can delete a file only after a restart of the computer.

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