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Ten tricks to improve your Windows Vista – Part one

If Windows Vista is working lousy don’t worry, apparently some people discovered some tricks that will help you run your Microsoft operating system at full speed. The advices aren’t very different from the ones on how to speed up XP, it basically still depends on “turning off the useless things”.

1. Turning off Windows Search Indexing

Windows Vista is indexing all the time the computer’s files in order to make them more accessible in case you look for them, a very useful option, but it’s affecting the performance of the system which is btw already tormented by the operating system.

In order to turn off the indexing you need to do this:

* Press the Start button and then Computer

* Right click on the C: driver

* In General Tab, clear Index this drive for a quicker search

* In the next box, select Include subfolders and files

2. Turning off the Remote Differential Compression

Remote Differential Compression is measuring the changes in the files from a network in order to be able to transfer them more efficiently and with bandwidth savings, instead of just transferring the whole file. Constantly checking for the changes in a file, this service can slow down the system.

In order to turn off this service do this:

* Open up Control Panel

* Switch to Classic View

* Select Program Features

* Choose Turn Windows features on and off

* Uncheck Remote Differential Compression from below

3. Turning off the Automatic Windows Defender Operation

Windows Defender offers real-time protection against malware, and continues to  run even if the Automatic operation has been turned off.

In order to turn off definitively this option do this:

* Open Control Panel

* Select Windows Defender

* Choose Tools from the menu above

* Select Options

* Uncheck Auto Start

4. Turning off Automatic Disk Defragmentation

This option that constantly defragments your disk drives is not really necessary and it can slow down the system. This way, you can turn it off, if you remember to defragment the disk yourself once a week.

To turn off this:

* Press the Start button and then Computer

* Right Click drive C:

* Select Tools

* Uncheck Run on a schedule box

How to create screensavers with Screensaver Factory

Hello, guys!

Today , I will show you how to create a screensaver for Windows( 2000,  2003, XP, Vista, 7)  for fun, for love, for friends or for money!

First of all, you need to download the trial of the software Screensaver Factory 6 from here .

The program is trial, but you can buy a license for 3 euro via sms payment. If you know how to use it and you make profit,  it worths the money for the license.

After you install it, you run it as any program.

Ok. With Screensaver Factory 6 you can create flash, image, video, logo or blank  screensavers.

To start a new project, you can choose the type of the screensaver or  to make a new project.  I pushed the New project button  and I received a blank error. To start a the new project  you need press no, to open a existing project you need to press yes.

Now, you’re able to add media(video, images and flash animations) to your screensaver using the Add button or  Add Folder. To remove them, you press remove for the selected item or you press remove all for all items. You  can choose the order of the items to display pressing the up or down arrows.  You can see your item at fullscreen for inspection and also you can see the properties. Basically, this is the first step to create a screensaver.

After you added the media items, you need to go to the next step, the music tab. Here you add the sounds for your screensaver. The buttons are same as the media ones, but you have a sound preview after you added it  and you don’t have the fullscreen and properties buttons. Here you also  have the option to let users to have their own playlist or no.

The next step is the background of the screensaver. You can choose a image or a color.  You have different options for both of them. For image you have the tile, center, fill, stretch, preview, set desktop as background, for color you can choose to colors that will combine, you can also choose to have or not the gradient fill, use random colors, fullscreen and so on.

The forth step contains the visual effects of the screensaver.  You can choose from a list of animation. You can add clock, calendar, rss feed. Each of them has its own options.

The fifth step contains the attributes of your screensaver. Here you can write the title, the author, the copyright notices, author’s website, license agreements, different notes. You can put your own image preview and application ico and a readme text for your clients.

In the next step, you can choose your options such as general options, image effects image adjustments, sound, behavior, user interface and features.

The next steps are for your clients, if you want to sell the screensavers. The Promotion step can help you to promote your websites , service or brand. The Selling step helps you to sell the screensaver with serial keys limitations and so on. The Developer tab enables the screensaver updates for your clients.

The final step is the Creation of the screensaver. you can create a simple presentantion, or the screensaver or the installation kit for the screensaver, also the self-installation for cd.

How to easily create pdf files from any windows program with PDFCreator

Sometimes, you need information from a website or a software , but you cannot save it or print it. Now, I will show you how to save or print any information from any website or software that runs in Windows Xp, Vista or 7.

First of all, you need to download the PDFCreator software from here: . After that, you install the software and  you run it.

Now, all you need is to go to the website or go to the software area where is the information you need and press from the keyboard print screen ( Here is a tutorial how to steal images from secured website using paint and print screen) .

 Now, you must go to the PdfCreator and paste the print ( ctrl+v or from mouse) . A new window will appear.

As you can see, you are now creating the pdf file. You can write down the name of the file, the date of creation, the author, the subject of the file and the keywords. You can choose the profile and if you want to open the file after saving it and creating it in pdf format.

Also you have some button: cancel to cancel the save, wait-collect to wait for more print screens an to create a pdf file with more than 1 page, options for different options, e-mail to email and save to save.

With pdfCreator you can install printers and print the files.

How to delete files that can’t be deleted in Windows

Hello guys!

You always wonder how to delete files that can’t be deleted in Windows. Sometimes, Windows doesn’t let you tu delete, move or rename a file. The file is locked because another software is running the file in background.

Now, with the Unlocker, you can unlock a file and delete , rename or move it. First of all, you need to download the soft. [download id=”3″]

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  1.  Here is the drop menu. You press it and then you choose the action: delete, rename, move.
  2. Here are the Kill Process from task manager, Unlock the selected file, Unlock All and Quit button.
To unlock a file, you need to right click on it and choose unlocker, then a window will appear like  with the above options.
Sometimes, unlocker can delete a file only after a restart of the computer.

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Cum sa avem un hard SkyDrive de 25 gb online gratuit ?


Sunt Mihai si va voi arata cum sa aveti un hard SkyDrive de 25gb gratuit online oferit de Microsoft cu ajutorul siteului poate fi folosit, de asemenea, ca o retea sociala, gen Facebook. Insa, noi vom invata sa folosim SkyDriveul propriu zis.

Putem sa cream foldere, sa le partajam, sa le redenumim, sa le mutam, sa le sortam, sa le stergem si sa le urcam de pe calculator pe SkyDrive, la fel ca un Windows Explorer rudimentar.

Nu uitati sa va instalati Microsoft Silverlight pentru a putea urca fisiere mai usor pe SkyDrive.


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